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At the White Raven Centre one of our goals is to inspire  others, and help the environment in the small actions that we as a community are able to take. 

We live in a world where the natural world is seen as a resource, and not as a living being which we intereact with. To enable us to come closer to the world around us, The White Raven Centre has various projects happening which are aimed at helping the planet thrive. Have a read of some of the current projects that we are involved in.

Previous project -
During August and September The White Raven Centre will be donating 20% of the price of a LomiLomi massage to the people on the ground in Maui, after the wildfires have devastated the island. 

My lineage within Lomi Lomi massage stems back to Hawaii, therefore I want to support the people affected, and send aloha to Maui.

Book in a LomiLomi treatment so we can start to raise money for those in desperate need of help.

Image by Pete Gontier

The White Raven Centre is currently renovating the old Lanthandel in a village closeby to Näsåker, which is going to be where future events will be held, as well as meditations, soundbaths, massage, healing and more. It will be the base for the holistic centre

If you want to help with renovations or support the growth of The White Raven Centre, get in touch via  email, and i'll reply.

I am currently looking for both skilled and unskilled volunteers to help out with renovating the Holistic Centre . The White Raven Centre - @lantis. 
So if you have skills in the following and feel the call then I would love to hear from you.


Creative people who like to get stuck in

The vision of the White Raven Centre is based around community, and so in alignment with this, would like to offer space for others to come and join the vision

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