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A little more about me

My name is Katie, and I want to be able to help you in the way that aligns with you the most, dont hesitate to get in touch to find the right treatment for you.

I am fully qualified in the following therapies 

Medical Massage Therapist - Svenska Branschråd certificerade

Usui Reiki Master - practitioner and teacher

Crystal Keys - Lemurian and Ancestral Healing - Level 4 master energy teacher

Crystal Keys - Lemurian and Ancestral Healing Practitioner

Licensed Breathing Therapist - Lotorpsmetoden

Diplomerad Crystal Healer

Diplomerad Kino mana Level 1 and 2 Lomilomi massage practitioner

 Licensed PT - Almega Swedish Personal Trainers

Utbildat kostrådgivare


I have always been interested in the body and soul in different formations, working with crystals and meditation since a very young age, with an interest in massage my entire life. I remember always massaging my grandmas feet as a very small child and it was the first thing I wanted to work with when I grew up, when I was around 4 years old.

I have on my own personal journey worked with herbs, tarot and earth energies for 25 years, as this has been a big part of my life, for the majority of my life. Working with healing myself on my own path.
Growing up in england I spent alot of time as a teen around sacred sites. This has carved the way for what I do now.

I have also trained in various circus art forms, specialising in fire spinning. I have taught various circus workshops through the years both to adults and children.
More recently I have worked closely work circus artists with medical massage, helping them with a wide variety of injuries, and have a wide knowledge of various injuries and problems that can arise in the body. 
I have also worked with well known muscians whilst on their world tours, so I pride myself on having a good knowledge of the body and being able to help rehabilitate cronic problems as well as newer injuries.

By having a background both in the physiological as a medical massage therapist, and also in traditional medicines and treatments,my aim at The White Raven Centre is to be able to treat every client with a perpective in wholeness.


Varför välja just en medicinsk massageterapeut?

En medicinsk massageterapeut har längst utbildning och kan göra allt som en massageterapeut kan men lite till. Den kan fler manuella tester, massagetekniker såsom tex bindvävsmassage (fasciaterapi), idrottsmassage osv. En medicinsk massageterapeut ska också kunna säga när man INTE ska utföra behandling eller vissa massagetekniker och även kunna referera till rätt vård.

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