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Septarian has alot to do with taking care of the planet. Associated with Earth it's incredibly grounding. Septarian brings a deep balancing energy up through the root chakra.

It can help you to understand things about life or the planet that you may have struggled to completely understand before.

It harmonises emotions with intellect, creates new ideas and the enthusiasm to follow them through. It breaks repetitive routines or patterns of behaviour, improves patience and increases tolerance and endurance.

Septarian is a joyful stone that's emotionally nourishing and calming. It can offer support for those who speak in public and can help improve communication within a small group.

It's widely used by healers as a tool for nurturing and caring for others Its healing properties can be very powerful so septarian is often used to aid seasonal affective disorder (SAD).


Septarian can help you learn how to understand your own feelings and emotions. It teaches the importance of learning about yourself and appreciating qualities that are unique to you.

The ancient energies of septarian can be used to cleanse the aura. This helps get rid of feelings and emotions you no longer need and those energies that are holding you back. Cleansing the aura helps the physical body to breath more easily.

When used during meditation septarian takes you on a journey into the past. It helps you look back in a more positive manner at events in your life that weren't so great. Deeply buried feelings and emotions can then be gently released as you observe the events from a third person perspective

It is also used to enhance astral travel

Serpentine Heart

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